Sales and business development on-demand
We help businesses create and promote unique products to the B2B audience
It just works

When the corporate sales are just launching, we coach, drill into details, provide network and partners to support. We smoothly integrate you into Russian and CIS markets.
First things first

We help businesses launch marketing, demand generation, logistics, and build value selling around your key competences.
Hands-on support

Is it boutique-approach or MacDonald's-style selling your business is after, we can help. We open new markets, niches, help deliver goods and services, prepare your RFP documents and advocate for you in corporate sales.
Growing businesses
launching new products and services
Growing businesses
Just focus on your key competencies, is it product or service. We can scale you to Russia and beyond, by taking care of local marketing communications, forecasting, sales operations and keeping presales engagements coming. Figures are supportive of the option - no need to mount an office, hire and re-hire staff, do regular business trips. Partner network comes as a complimentary bonus.
Scaling projects and discovering options
Full local support for your team in initiating and closing deals. Assistance evaluating options and risks in bids and tenders. We also shape your unique value and deliver it to corporates and public sector with respect to every feature. Localized.
essential support. bootstrapping
We help you shape your product or service in the region and promote it to the B2B-market. Works as charm for Russia and CIS.
Public Sector
Value selling, project initiation and support for regional governments and state agencies.
Commercial services in healthcare with efficient automation
Frameworks and solutions to optimize retail operations
Extending market presence, sales operations and project integration for vendors, solution providers and integrators.
Consumer Electronics
Supporting design, manufacturing, order management, logistics and sales for device manufacturers
Smart City
A set of templated solutions to optimize municipal infrastructure
A roadmap is vital to plan every aspect of delivery: from development to sales operations. It works great on customers showing company's dedication to long-term strategy.
A set of localized collateral shortens time-to-close for the salesforce and gives valuable product insights for the client. We use infographics in most cases - it's concise and self-explanatory.
A good presentation is not only beautiful, but relates the product to the local market or the customer. Shows, where there's a fit and which features work best. We create the efficient and brief ones.
MArketing activity
We generate product awareness or redirect the existing market demand to our clients. It helps generate leads faster, provide support for salesforce and speeds-up closing.
demand generation
We look for your product or service key selling points and match them to the target audience. We then make sure the sales message is consistently delivered across all channels.
deal closing
Deal closing is systematic and we treat it as such, supporting or acting on behalf of you local sales.
Partner network
We set rules, recruit, segment, educate and motivate partners. We help you protect deals and buffer if the partner plays tough.
Russia and cis
A representative office on-demand. But faster, and more efficient. We localize your service or product offerings, onboard the team, launch the sales and fine-tune the operations.
We offer to clients all, what we've achieved so far - experience, know-hows, network and partners. Our expertise covers product and service selling, building logistics, business development in the new markets and deal closing. That's where we excel. Doing it on someone else's behalf is both a challenge, and a huge responsibility...

Alexey Lapirov